CoinStats is a cryptocurrency prices and portfolio tracker app based in Armenia.

It allows crypto owners and traders to easily track all their crypto holdings in one place.

CoinStats is one of the best free cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps that allows users to stay informed on the latest live crypto prices in real-time, view essential market data at a glance and effectively monitor the investments.

Problem & Challenges

CoinStats had weak link profile strength and wasn’t able to get enough indexed keywords, leaving a huge amount of traffic unreachable.

As a start-up with limited resources, CoinStats sought outside expertise to guide their SEO plans and optimize all of their on- and off-site elements.

Our team was tasked by CoinStats to define the company’s SEO, content marketing, and link building strategies, with the goal of being the number one in the sphere.

Solution & Objectives

The objective was to have their website ranked in the search engines with more target keywords above their competitors not only for bitcoin phrases but any altcoin outhere worth pursuing.

First, LevelSEO conducted a comprehensive technical audit of CoinStats’ website, eliminating issues hampering rankings.

Next, we identified branded and non-branded terms with traffic to target. LevelSEO worked collaboratively with CoinStats to craft a strategy for creating content focused on those terms.

Our successful partnership has helped CoinStats define the best practices that consistently yield positive results in both On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

To reach the expected goals in the shortest timeframe we used almost any SEO off page techniques in our arsenal to get the most out of our cooperation.

(High competitive keywords)

Reached the First Page of Google for 10+ Targeted Keywords Within 4 Months

What We Did

  1. Website Audit
  2. Competitive Research
  3. Keyword Research (+Competitors’ & Long Tail Keyword Research)
  4. Powerpage Creation
  5. Google Suggest
  6. Blog Design & Creation
  7. Youtube Optimization
  8. Linkreators’ Research
  9. Link Building Strategies
  10. Guest Posts Writing & Submitting
  11. Meta Tags Optimization
  12. RYS Strategy
  13. IFTTT Strategy

What We Got

  1. Improved DA, PA, CF, TF
  2. Improved Alexa Rank
  3. Improved Ahrefs Rank
  4. 165% Increased Referring Domains
  5. 88% Increased Organic Traffic
  6. 168% Increased Organic Keywords
  7. 695% Increased Traffic Value
  8. 91% Increased Average Monthly Users

The Growth of Link Profile Strength

Before - 10.04.2019

After - 01.08.2019

We have started to work with our client with 32 DA, 36 PA, 29 CF and 14 TF.

Within a four-month period, all the metrics increased. Significant growth showed Trust Flow, increasing 121.4%.

AHREFS Overview

Within 122 days, Ahrefs Rank increased to 1147.3%.

UR has increased for 16.3% and DR for 96.7%.

Traffic value has increased by 695%.

Referring Domains

Within 112 days, referring domains

have increased by 165% (from 312 to 827).

Dofollow referring domains have increased

for  272.3% (159 to 592).

Organic Traffic
(By Ahrefs)

Within 112 days, organic traffic has increased for 87.6%.

The number of organic keywords has increased for 168%.

The traffic value has increased from $130 to $1,033

which equals 694.6%.

Google Analytics

Based on Google Analytics,

starting from April 2019

the Organic search grew from 2429 average

users to 4641 in June/July 2019,

setting 91% growth within 4 months.

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