EyeLights is a Head Up Display GPS Manufacturer and e-commerce company based in France.

It allows motorbikers to truly experience the ride by keeping their eyes on the road.

EyeLights is the first universal motorcycle accessory that projects guidance, danger zones and traffic directly into your field of vision. Simple, uncluttered, they adapted the display for motorcycle riding.

Problem & Challenges

EyeLights was receiving  a poor amount of targeted traffic through search engines and most of the budget was allocated to the PPC. 

As a start-up with limited resources, Eye-lights sought outside expertise to guide their SEO plans and optimize all of their on- and off-site elements.

Our team was tasked by EyeLights to define the company’s SEO, content marketing, and link building strategies, with the goal of expanding beyond France targeting the United States, the United Kingdom and other EU countries within two years.

Solution & Objectives

The objective was to have their website ranked in the search engines above their competitors.

First, LevelSEO conducted a comprehensive technical audit of EyeLights’s site, eliminating issues hampering rankings. They then instituted on-going monitoring to ensure site health.

Next, we identified branded and non-branded terms with traffic and buyer intent for EyeLights to target. LevelSEO worked collaboratively with EyeLights to craft a strategy for creating content centered on those terms.

LevelSEO soon became both a trusted partner and EyeLights’s primary point of contact for all SEO needs. This successful partnership has helped EyeLights define institute best practices that consistently yield positive results.

EyeLights has now launched their brand-new product called EyeRide HUD which is the smallest head-up display that you can install in any helmet and will happily sell to new markets, including the United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK, with LevelSEO help.

To reach the expected goals in the shortest timeframe we used almost any SEO off page techniques in our arsenal to get the most out of our cooperation.


Reached 2648 Indexed keywords within one year from 561 initially indexed on Google.

What We Did

  1. Website Audit
  2. Competitive Research
  3. Keyword Research (+Competitors’ & Long Tail Keyword Research)
  4. Powerpage Creation
  5. Google Suggest
  6. Blog Design, Creation & Optimization
  7. Youtube Optimization
  8. Linkreators’ Research
  9. Link Building Strategies
  10. Guest Posts Writing & Submitting
  11. Meta Tags Optimization
  12. RYS Strategy
  13. R300 Strategy
  14. Press Release
  15. Pinterest account creation, pins creation & publication

What We Got

  1. Improved DA, PA, CF, TF
  2. Improved Alexa Rank
  3. Improved Ahrefs Rank
  4. 295.7% Increased Referring Domains
  5. 162.67% Increased Organic Traffic
  6. 134.5% Increased Organic Keywords
  7. 198.3% Increased Traffic Value

The Growth of Link Profile Strength

Before - 16.12.2019

After - 31.01.2021

We have started to work with our client with 42 DA, 29 PA, 36 CF and 19 TF.

Within one year and one-month period, all the metrics increased. Significant growth showed Domain Authority, increasing for 47.6%. Page Authority has increased for 34.5%, Trust Flow for 42%, and Citation Flow for 13.88%.

AHREFS Overview

Within one year and one month, Ahrefs Rank increased to 34.28%.

UR has increased for 17.9% and DR for 10.5%.

Traffic value has increased by 198.3%.

Referring Domains

Within one year and one month, referring domains

have increased for 295.7% (from 234 to 926).

Dofollow referring domains have increased

for  303.35% (179 to 722).

Organic Traffic
(By Ahrefs)

Within one year and one month, organic traffic has increased 162.67%.

The number of organic keywords has increased by 134.5%.

The traffic value has increased from $367 to $1,095,

which equals 198.3%.

Google Analytics

Based on Google Analytics,

starting from October 2019

the Organic traffic grew from 4,396 to 13,785 in January, 2021,

setting 213.58% growth.

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