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of all Google searches have local intent


of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses in 2022


of consumers “regularly” read online reviews when browsing for local businesses

California Cities

California: 39 million people, iconic cities, tech and entertainment presence.

State of California

California boasts a population of over 39 million people, making it the most populous state in the USA. Some of its top cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose, each contributing to the state's vibrant cultural and economic tapestry.

The state's economic significance is highlighted by its prominent businesses in technology (like Silicon Valley) and entertainment (like Hollywood).

Los Angeles

San Diego

San Jose

San Francisco

Texas Cities

Texas: 29 million people, dynamic cities, tech and energy leadership.

State of Texas

Texas has over 29 million people, notable cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, shaping cultural and economic diversity.

The state's business world is mainly focused on tech (like Austin's tech hub) and energy sectors.


San Antonio



Fort Worth

New York Cities

New York: 20 million, iconic cities, financial and cultural prominence.

State of New York

New York State has about 20 million people and important cities like New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany.

The state is known for its strong economy, especially in finance in New York City and various industries across the state.

New York

Illinois Cities

Illinois: 12 million people, Chicago center, diverse economic impact.

State of Illinois

Illinois is home to 12 million people and significant cities like Chicago, Springfield, and Peoria. These cities play a vital role in shaping both culture and economy. The state's economic impact is notable, particularly through Chicago's financial influence and diverse industries statewide.


Arizona Cities

Arizona: 7 million, Phoenix center, tech and tourism impact.

State of Arizona

Arizona hosts around 7 million people, with major centers like Phoenix and Tucson shaping cultural and economic landscapes. The state's economic impact is significant, especially through industries like technology and tourism.


Pennsylvania Cities

Pennsylvania: 12 million, Philadelphia center, diverse economic influence.

State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has around 12 million residents, with major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh shaping both cultural and economic horizons. The state's economic significant especially in sectors like technology and historical tourism.


Florida Cities

Florida: 21 million, Miami center, tourism and aerospace impact.

State of Florida

Florida is home to about 21 million people, with major centers like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa contributing to its cultural and economic diversity. The state's economic impact is substantial, especially through industries like tourism and aerospace.


Ohio Cities

Ohio: 11.8 million, cities contribute to industry and healthcare impact.

State of Ohio

Ohio has around 11.8 million people, major cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati shaping cultural and economic landscapes. The state's economic impact is considerable, particularly through sectors like manufacturing and healthcare.


North Carolina Cities

North Carolina: 10.5 million residents, prominent in finance and research.

State of North Carolina

North Carolina is home to around 10.5 million people, with major centers like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham shaping cultural and economic landscapes. The state's economic impact is notable, particularly through sectors like finance and research.


Indiana Cities

Indiana: 6.7 million, varied economy, attractive for businesses.

State of Indiana

Indiana's population is approximately 6.7 million, with prominent cities like Indianapolis and Fort Wayne shaping its economic landscape. The state's diverse economy includes manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare, drawing businesses to influence its growth-friendly environment and strategic advantages.


Washington Cities

Washington: 7.8 million, tech, aerospace, agriculture; business opportunities thrive.

State of Washington

Washington state, with a population of about 7.8 million, has cities like Seattle and Spokane that contribute to its dynamic economic landscape. The state's diverse economy includes technology, aerospace, and agriculture, making it an appealing destination for businesses seeking innovation and growth opportunities.


Colorado Cities

Colorado: 5.8 million, tech, recreation, healthcare; business innovation flourishes.

State of Colorado

Colorado, with approximately 5.8 million residents, has cities like Denver and Boulder that drive its vibrant economic scene. The state's popular economic spheres are technology, outdoor recreation, and healthcare, making it an attractive center for businesses seeking innovation and expansion.


Oklahoma Cities

Oklahoma: 4 million, energy, agriculture, business growth potential.

State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma, with around 4 million residents, includes cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The state's popular economic spheres are energy, agriculture, and aviation, so, it's attractive for businesses seeking growth and development.

Oklahoma City