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On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimizing different website elements to improve its search engine rankings and overall visibility.
Let's summarize the On-Page SEO actions in 4 main sections:


Creating high-quality and relevant content that incorporates target keywords and provides value to users.


Optimizing HTML elements like title tags, meta descriptions, and heading tags to accurately represent the page's content and target keywords.


Creating clean and SEO-friendly URLs that are descriptive and contain relevant keywords.


Strategically linking to other relevant pages within your website to improve navigation and help search engines understand the site's structure.

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LevelSEO is based in Yerevan, Armenia and was founded by Hayk Espina Galstyan. Starting from the 1st day, every single client has got an unique approach and the agency has driven clients' desired results.

With lots of SEO agencies to choose from, we pride ourselves on being different from others.

We use SEO to grow your business!

We have real results and testimonials!

We only use proven strategies!

We believe you must give to receive!

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