R300 Strategy

This strategy involves acquiring relevant expired domains with strong backlinks, boosting their authority through new backlinks, optimizing anchor profiles, and redirecting them to your site, leveraging their existing link value.

This strategy is intended to find and acquire high quality expired domains that match our market and keywords. We also aim to find expired domains that have backlinks from top sites, such as Forbes, Businessinsider, inc.com etc…

To take things even further, we increase the authority of those domains by getting new backlinks from other sites, which increases the overall potential of the domain to get higher rankings.

This comes with the optimization of the anchor profile to match the selected keywords for each market and language while keeping the anchor texts mixed with branded and targeted keywords.

After that, we redirect the domains to your website or landing page. Redirecting the domain, also all backlinks that the domain has received will be redirected.

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